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Malaysia My Second Home
This is a programme allows foreign citizens to retire and reside in Malaysia with their spouses,children and parents. Successful applicants are granted a renewable social visit pass for a period of 10 years initially subject to the validity period of their passports. To ensure its successful implementation, the Malaysian government welcomes foreign residents to apply for this programme. Therefore, we are the agent to ensure this project an absolute success.

MM2H programme provide a variety of programs to enable participants to live in Malaysia, comfortable and enjoyable. They can buy a house, cars, each participant is allowed to hire a domestic servants, education, medical support, pension remitted to Malaysia to get tax exemption, and has a business and investment in Malaysia, and as well as working part time.

In Malaysia Second Home program:

  • Welcomes unlimited purchase of property in Malaysia
  • Participants can still be active in their own business
  • Your child can get study visa,further their education in Malaysia
  • You can enjoy duty-free bank deposit all funds in Malaysia
  • You can bring in servants from overseas, or employ local servant.
  • Both in the car or from the domestic horse transport vehicles are tax-exempt
  • Free to stay in any part/ region in Malaysia
  • Can bring in parents company with your programme
  • Can be employ as part timer under certain circumtances
  • 10-year entry visa allows you multiple entries in Malaysia

Less Investment

Less investment, low immigration threshold; in Malaysia My Second Home, only in the Malaysian bank deposits of about 300,000 yuan;

Success Rate

Malaysia second home application procedures simple, high success rate, processing speed, for period two months or so, generally not more than three months

One Application

The applicant's spouse, natural or adopted children under the age of 21 years of age, parents in more than 60 years of age can also get the identity of the second home in Malaysia;

Low Threshold

No age limit, no English requirement, no source of assets requirements of customers and no immigration supervision, non-residential requirements do not affect the applicant's life and career in the country;

Communication Barrier

Chinese in Malaysia, 30%, in addition to English and Mandarin, the Fujian dialect, Cantonese, Hakka is also commonly used communication tools;

Tourist Attraction

Malaysia is the world's leading tourist destination, no earthquake, typhoon, beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate is the most suitable place to live;

Career Development

In Malaysia, companies with low costs and low taxation are entitled to duty-free concessions on the basis of foreign income derived from their personal income.

Enjoy Education

Children can enjoy local education policies. Malaysia follows the traditional British education system and can enroll in public schools, private schools or international schools.


Attracting Countries


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Chinese Applicants


Annual Growth Rate Of More Than 10%

The history and background of Malaysia 's Second Home Project

Malaysia's second home project originated in 1996, the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism of the foreign retired elderly to implement a longer residence plan that is "silver-haired family project" to encourage foreign retirees with their own pension to Malaysia tourism and long-term stay in life .

As a result of the project after the implementation of good results, in 2002 the Government decided to "silver-haired clan project" officially changed its name to "Malaysia second home project", the object is no longer limited to retired elderly, but extended to 21 years of age. Since its inception in 2002, the Malaysia-My Second Home project, which ended in December 2014, attracted a total of 27,179 foreigners from 122 countries. Of which the largest number of applications for the Chinese people 6,322 people, while the Japanese have 3,662 people, the United Kingdom 2,193 people.


* The second home for the number of countries, updated to August 2014