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Preferential Policies

MM2H participants are allowed to buy a local assembly car in Malaysia without having to pay for the import duty, service tax and sales tax.

Participants must submit application to buy a tax free car within one year from the visa stamping date. The verification and approval process to this application takes around two weeks' time. When the application of tax exemption is successful, MM2H participants may buy the car within six months' time.

For more information, kindly contact CLS (MM2H).

Importing Car

Within six months from the MM2H visa stamping date, MM2H participants may import a personal car from the home country or the previous residing country. However, the car must be owned by the participant before he / she gets approval for MM2H visa.


  • 1. The complete application submitted to the Ministry of Finance shall be processed within 10 working days.
  • 2. Please do not purchase the car before getting approval from Ministry of Finance. However, you may book the car first before getting approval.
  • 3. Import or purchase of car can only be used for personal purpose but not commercial use.
  • 4. Personal car means the car owned by MM2H participant before they get MM2H visa.
  • 5. MM2H participants are allowed to sell their imported or locally bought cars two years after they join MM2H programme.

For more information, kindly contact CLS (MM2H).